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Health players,   fun into wellness..


So pleased you are here.

Challenges, especially health related are tough. And can be incredible opportunities for growth and self-understanding!

.A challenge can help us work on our courage, our will, and our determination.

Even if we step up to it, and fail, it’s so much better than not having tried at all. We are building character! In our failure there is so much to learn about ourselves. What was it that derailed us? What thoughts? What events? We stand to learn a lot about our triggers that knock us off our path. And once we become aware of these triggers we can take steps to avoid them, face them, or deal with them. Or sometimes, once we have this understanding of ourselves, things will just shift all on their own. Healing happens under the light of self-knowledge and understanding.
Take on a challenge and see what you learn! And see how that shifts you!

Take the first step and I can help you do the rest its time to start playing more and finding the things that fire you up!

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