meditation changed everything

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Why Meditate?

This ancient practise tunes you to wisdom arising form your heart. In Eastern philosophy the heart is your truth. It is where emotions such as laughter, passion  love & joy and all the beautiful light emotions reside.

Your life decisions come from one of two emotions.

1 fear or

2 love.

Fear – I'm not doing that because its too difficult, people will think I'm crazy, not clever enough, someone else is already doing this, too old, too fat.

These come from your head.

Love- comes from a place of giving to oneself and others.-I feel passionate about caring for the elderly, even though I struggle with debilitating symptoms myself.

Sometimes its easier to listen to the fear, rather than hop on board the love boat!

Here's some tips on how to recognise fear/love decisions

Sit quietly alone in a calm place

Close your eyes

Take 6 deep breaths in and out focusing on your the breeze through your nose on the out breath, feel relaxed..

Witness how you feel when thinking about your question or issue you are deliberating

  • Do you feel excited, AND scared

  • Does it give you a sinking feeling?

  • Can you feel happy with a potential outcome by taking the decision

  • Does it make you feel very tired and demotivated- suddenly

  • or does it have a delightful energising feeling

  • can you see your future to be an adventure perhaps even outrageous!

My Meditation practise was a huge turning point for me 

it has a variety of effects, and for many its a way

  • to relax and feel calm.

  • To switch off the constant grind of mind chatter

  • to get in touch with intuition and find clarity

  • have a positive outlook

  • increase creative ideas

  • to let go and trust

  • for many it helps to alleviate physical pain

  • deeper uninterrupted sleep

The purpose of meditation is a journey towards self -awareness. It provides a quiet time which ultimately leads you to discover more about who you are and what you want from life. It is a heightened state of consciousness which feels totally blissful.

I can help you to learn this amazing self care ritual, It's a practise and it starts with a decision right here and now.

Join in and take a taster session or call me for private tuition.