25 fun things to do in a weekend

Discovering more of your playful self!

Weekends ideas with family.

  • Fly a kite

  • afternoon teddy bear tea picnic

  • Bird identification woodland walk

  • Bike ride

  • Baking day

  • 4 leaf clover hunt

  • Make a fun video for You Tube

  • Learn to knit or crochet

  • Start a blog or journal scrapbook

  • Build sandcastles at the beach

  • Google your nearest wild garden and take a nature walk

  • Have a water fight while giving your car a "birthday"

  • Make ice pops with your favourite fruits

  • Plant a tree

  • Learn to juggle

  • Create a poem about your best day ever

  • Make home made chocolate

  • Paint a picture of your favourite view

  • Gift yourself a massage or gift a shoulder massage to each person

  • Camp out for a night under the stars on a warm summer evening

  • Make a bird feeder

  • Construct a den in a woodland or your house/garden out of old sheets blankets and wood.

  • Make fresh apple or orange juice

  • Volunteer help at a local event

  • Walk a dog for an elderly neighbours