being HONEST, can jump start a new you

I remember reading a statement on my computer screen at a pivitol point in my life. I had been diagnosed with cervical cancer and it stated that 90% of people would not change the daily things in their life that they know would help their lifestyle health.

I  get it! when you're in shock anxious or overwhelmed one of two things can happen.

You totally numb out and don't feel a thing.

Or you get a heightened sense of being present hell you can even feel your heartbeat.

OK so that was a radical quote about lifestyle that jumped  out at me on my computer screen  made me pay attention,  When you get to the deep depths of darkness its not easy to pick yourself up but here's the thing it was at that point I decided to act.  Naturally  I asked myself, why me?, why now?, what have i done...questions arose in my mind when walking home and the following days. And questions I'd never dared to confront about myself before,

I recognised that I did have a choice and so do you.. By mustering up a little courage bit by bit to take some necessary steps to health freedom  Over time my view to let go of that lie I was telling myself that I wasn't worthy and that it was all hopeless and to top it all that I was useless and didn't deserve a fun lifestyle was in fact complete and utter craziness. 

If you can relate to some of the above or you are frustrated, especially when you know you want something different in your life,  But you don't know what how or where to start? 

As a child adults and teachers called me the dreamer., As an innocent child it felt like a negative label but as an adult being a dreamer proved very useful!   If you are anything like me then you wonder and lust over freedom to choose space to reflect and inner peace to work things out in your own way. To dare to think outside the box, be different and become the questioner and the seeker is in us all.

You don't do "normal"   you value the importance of living with a purpose and on your own terms.

tO LIVE LIFE FULLY, with purpose & which nourishes your soul. I'm here to encourage you to believe in yourself

When time doesn't seem to be on your side

  • Your too busy just trying to get through each day anyhow
  • Time out isn't real for me
  • That's what others do because ....but not me!
  • I don't have time to switch off and relax..

Hi I'm Karina and I help you to rekindle the life you dare to believe you can have.

You love to explore,

You love being adventurous

You love new experiences and I bet you are the type that has a bucket list, but perhaps you say things like..

When things are different, better, easier, ..or maybe you haven't allowed yourself to even think about the fun things you might like because that's just not worth considering right now,

You feel like something is missing you want to feel enthusiastic and explore new personal horizons

Having more fun in your life

  •  That dream biz 
  • Join a community project
  • Taking an adventurous vacation
  •  Starting a new creative interest
  • Get into that sexy dress

Be a representation of your core desires the "lifestyles" that bring joy and fuel fun.

My invitation to you is start right now,you can do this,!