jump start something new

Hi there

Thanks so much for visiting my site, are you looking to find new hobbies experiences, learn new skills and meet friends?

Maybe you just need to get inspired and explore different projects that arouse a sense of “curious creativity.” Great stuff cos you’ve come to the right place!

Because you made it! You can look at and be proud of?

For some years now I’ve tussled and wracked my brain worked hard at studying but concentrating on things that haven’t exactly come easy to me, and worse still some I haven’t even enjoyed. All experiences are never wasted however,

So, I’m starting something new, with a twist of fun, and “FUN” is the buzz word here..

From my years of assisting clients with health related illnesses, I have noticed a common theme running in many people. Have forgotten how to switch off and do fun stuff. Seriously some even exclaim that they wouldn’t even know how and where to start! We have done this for you. We are happy to hear what you wish to learn what skill you wish to acquire..

Coming this year we have rural crafts, gardening, health and well being classes, dance, book club, art ..and we would love to hear what you might be interested in?